What formats can you work with?

I can provide on-screen editing using track changes in Word documents or marking up a pdf. I can also mark up paper copies if required.

Can you work in US and UK English?

Yes! I’m a native English speaker with a PhD in English Literature. I am familiar with and worked on texts in both versions of English.

Can you check academic references?

Certainly. I have experience working on academic texts across diverse fields, and so I have come into contact with most of the major academic styles. However, I am only able to work on the formatting of the references, not the accuracy of your bibliographic research.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept payment via bank transfer or through PayPal. I ask that payments are made within 7 days of a completed job. If it is a larger job, I will ask for a deposit of part of the final payment up front.

I have another question!

Then get in touch!


+44 (0)7528 476 664

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